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BestFit Water is locally owned and operated company with 20+ years of industry experience.


BestFit Water is locally owned and operated with over 20 years of industry experience. Founder and CEO Brian Kashman is passionate about providing cutting edge technology and customer service that is the best in the business. We care about keeping our customers happy, healthy, and hydrated by providing the best tasting drinking water without plastic waste.

At BestFit Water we use advanced filtration technologies to deliver clean, great-tasting water and ice. We offer environmentally-friendly and cost effective filtered water coolers, ice machines, sparkling water dispensers and RO systems to fit any office or business. We provide a personal customer service representative and service plan tailored for your business.


Why BestFit Water?


20+ Years of Experience

Locally owned and operated with 20+ years experience in the industry.



Clean drinking water without plastic waste.


Advanced Filteration Technology

State of the art 7-stage filtration technology.


Customer Service

Personal customer service representative and service plan tailored for your business.


BestFit Water has been amazing to work with to make the seamless transition from our previous water supplier. Water and ice is an essential feature of our office and BestFit Water offers the cleanest, freshest, and best tasting water around. Would highly recommend to anyone.


BestFit Water has been so helpful in making sure our water and ice machines were installed and ready for our employees to return to the office. The most modern water cooler we have had and best tasting water we have ever had. Customer service is great as well and Brian’s attention to detail made him a joy to work with.

We have been with BestFit Water for years. Just got a second cooler installed in my office. Water tastes great. I will definitely recommend Bestfit Water to anyone looking for a bottleless water cooler.

We used to make two trips per week to get bottled water from the store. As a green initiative, our organization challenged us to reduce our wasted time and resources. We chose BestFit Water because they offered a green solution and excellent customer service. Their recommendation of the alkline RO system connected to our ice machine provided safe, refreshing ice and water.

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