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BestFit Water is locally owned and operated company with 20+ years of industry experience.


Established as a locally owned and operated entity, BestFit Water brings over two decades of industry expertise to the table. Spearheaded by Founder and CEO Brian Kashman, our mission revolves around delivering unparalleled technological innovation and top-tier customer service. We prioritize the happiness, health, and hydration of our clientele by offering premium-quality drinking water solutions while actively combating plastic waste.

At BestFit Water, we harness cutting-edge filtration technologies to ensure the delivery of pristine, great-tasting water and ice. Our product line includes environmentally-conscious and economically-viable options such as filtered water coolers, ice machines, sparkling water dispensers, and RO systems tailored to suit diverse office and business needs. With a personalized customer service approach and customized service plans, we guarantee an unparalleled experience tailored precisely for your business requirements.


Why BestFit Water?


20+ Years of Experience

Locally owned and operated with 20+ years experience in the industry.



Clean drinking water without plastic waste.


Advanced Filteration Technology

State of the art 5-stage filtration technology.


Customer Service

Personal customer service representative and service plan tailored for your business.


Fabulous customer service & very good pricing! Equipment is small as well, so won’t take up very much space. Fresh and safe to drink water is a must!
We love our new water system!


A1 service. Brian and his crew are the best. Not only is he personable, but he is willing to accommodate and his members are extremely professional. BestFit has been nothing but a pleasure to work with personally and professionally. We’d 100% recommend this business to anyone in need of a reliable water service for their company!

Amphenol Aerospace

Brian and his whole team at BestFit Water truly go above and beyond to deliver outstanding customer service. Brian is attentive and caring to his customers. Anytime we have an issue or request, he is at our location same day to take a look at things.

BestFit is a preferred water vendor for all of our locations.


BestFit Water has been amazing to work with to make the seamless transition from our previous water supplier. Water and ice is an essential feature of our office and BestFit Water offers the cleanest, freshest, and best tasting water around. Would highly recommend to anyone.


Best Fit water has the best water and equipment in the industry. I have never enjoyed water as much as I do now. Brian and his team are professional and they provide their customers with top tier quality. Everyone that I work with raves about the water and the water machines. Thank you Brian and team! We recommend!


We have been with BestFit Water for years. Just got a second cooler installed in my office. Water tastes great. I will definitely recommend Bestfit Water to anyone looking for a bottleless water cooler.

Brian and his team have been wonderful to work with.


I would highly recommend Bestfitwater systems for your commercial water needs. I just had a water dispenser installed in my Chiropractic Office. No more bottle service, and dealing with random delivery schedules. Not only does the water tastes great, but it is also RO water that has the minerals and electrolytes put back in. Thanks Brian for getting me set up in less than 2 hours. Reed Chiropractic

David Reed, Reed Chiropractic

I highly recommend bestfit water. They are reliable and on time best equipment in the industry. The owner Brian is very professional and perfectionist at everything he does. Best tasting water we have had and we have used several companys in the past. 5 star company!!!!


BestFit Water has been so helpful in making sure our water and ice machines were installed and ready for our employees to return to the office. The most modern water cooler we have had and best tasting water we have ever had. Customer service is great as well and Brian’s attention to detail made him a joy to work with.

I am very impressed with the pricing and the quality customer service. I have a small account as compared to the big companies that have this service, but I was/am treated like I have a huge account. In a world where good customer service is hard to come by, it is refreshing to see it still exists.


We used to make two trips per week to get bottled water from the store. As a green initiative, our organization challenged us to reduce our wasted time and resources. We chose BestFit Water because they offered a green solution and excellent customer service. Their recommendation of the alkline RO system connected to our ice machine provided safe, refreshing ice and water.

This is a well run business with very personable, and friendly service, they make you feel like a friend rather than just another number. I almost rented a filtration and cooler for our place of business from a large corporation that answered my call in a call centre somewhere and provided very generic, scripted responses to my questions, which is just fine, but I feel better meeting the people that work for the business, and they did a better job understanding our needs with an on site visit, plenty of information, and now I have a local company who cares, to do deal with rather than having to go through a call centre and be treated as a statistic. I have nothing but great things to say about this company, I’m excited I was able to find them!


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