Hands Free

Eliminate the risk of spreading bacteria on touch-panels.


7x Advanced Purification


The 1st filter is a 10 micron filter, which reduces sediment such as rust, dust, clay and pipe residue.


The 2nd filter is a pre carbon filter to reduce chemicals such as chlorine, solvents, pesticides and various organic compounds.


Option 1: Reverse Osmosis purification uses a state-of-the-art 0.0001 micron membrane to reduce metals, arsenic, pharmaceuticals, lead, mercury and other solids.


More than 20 minerals and electrolytes are added.


Water is enhanced with minerals to increase alkalinity.


Colloidal silver is used to maintain the cleanliness of the waterway.

Coconut shell carbon polishes the water for great taste.


Intensely purified

Totality®, our unique methodology, ensures an exceptional standard of hygiene. Suitable for office water cooler and tap systems.
Totality® is our exclusive process that delivers exceptional standards of hygiene.

Water being dispensed should be as safe as it is refreshing

Unfiltered water contains calcium, magnesium, chlorine, hormones and pharmaceutical traces. To tackle these impurities we use multi-stage water filtration, advanced UV cleansing and Fynil® surface anti-microbial protection. All of these are safe, fully certified technologies.


Laboratory certified
99.999% bacteria-reduced

Every Borg & Overström appliance undergoes an anti-microbial, anti-pathogen, sanitizing procedure. The reassurance of hygienically safe appliances is provided by the unique bacteria-reducing process, Sterizen®.

No other brand of water cooler goes through this factory sterilization process, which is why only Borg and Overström appliances are laboratory certified to be 99.999% bacteria-free when leaving the factory.


Biofilm, limescale, and impact resistant epoxy resin panel finish

Many surfaces unwittingly offer homes to a multitude of bacteria, especially inside scuffs and scratches. This is why Borg & Overström appliances have a double-coated surface of Fynil®.

This scratch and impact resistant epoxy resin material resists biofilm development and limescale cohesion, adding increased hygiene and longevity.

Dry Chill® Technology

Efficient Energy and no leakages.

Our Dry Chill® technology delivers consistent cooling without the need for an ice bank – efficient energy consumption and no leakages.

Our Dry Chill® models can be relied upon not to leak. Our specialist water-leak detection system can be fitted to Direct Chill appliances for immediate shut-off if moisture is sensed.

Scientifically Proven to Reduce COVID-19 on Surfaces

99.98% surface virus kill rate within 7 hours

Our Hydroxyl Blaster with ActivePure® Technology is the only air purifier scientifically proven to reduce the SARS-CoV-2 novel coronavirus on surfaces with a demonstrated 99.98% surface virus kill rate within 7 hours. ActivePure® is the safest, fastest and most powerful surface and air-purification technology available that minimizes recontamination and cross contamination in real time without the use of chemicals or ozone.

Aerus Hydroxyl Blaster with ActivePure Technology Unit Testing

Testing was done at MRIGlobal, an independent, FDA-Compliant laboratory. The reduction percentages were measured incrementally over natural degradation of SARS-CoV-2. Outside of control group - over 99% reduction of the SARS-CoV-2 virus.

ActivePure® Technology

Virus Eliminating Air Purification Technology

ActivePure® is the most powerful air purification technology available for your business

Space Certified NASA Grade Technology

Advanced ActivePure® Technology

HEPA 5-Stage Filtration

ActivePure® Technology Kills 99.98% of COVID-19

Protecting the Environment

Bestfit Water wants to help the environment and eliminate plastic bottles.

The natural environment is the source of pure water and we believe that it should be protected. We reduce plastic waste with dispensers that enable use of refillable bottles.

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